Après le succès de l'exposition réalisée à la galerie Oberkampf en Janvier 2010, 
qui avait réuni 133 graffiti artistes les plus influents de France, Belgique, Suisse, Angleterre, Allemagne, Espagne, Italie etc..
10 ans après, Trains Of Fame revient !
et à relancé la production de métro vierge, avec un nouveau packaging.
After the major success of the exhibition realized at the Oberkampf gallery in January 2010 having gathered 133 graffiti artists of the most influential graffiti from France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy..
Trains Of Fame returns to celebrate its 10 years!! and decided to relaunch a version 2.0 of its model with a more modern packaging.
The metro has always been the place of expression of graffiti, it has seen the birth of the most important movements, it is a source of inspiration for graffiti artists in need of freedom. Today, it is also artistic support.